I applied for B1/B2 visa application for my parents last year.

I had filled the DS 160 form completely but forgot to submit it. Meanwhile, I was able to book a appointment slot for interview in April 2024.

I am now unable to retrieve the DS 160 form. What are my possible options?

  1. Should I cancel the appointments and start from scratch by applying for fresh DS 160 and then trying my luck for appointments?

  2. Is it possible to somehow fill a new DS 160 form and update this information in the interview appointment confirmation page?

Please provide some insights.

Update: I noticed a post where the person was able to update the new DS 160 number in the appointment confirmation page, however the website he has mentioned doesn't have India in the list of countries.

  • Do you have previous DS160 number or print ? Commented Jun 26 at 17:57

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Retrieve and Re-Create

You can “Retrieve an Application” using the application number on your previous confirmation. Select “Create a New Application.” instead of view confirmation. The form will auto-complete with your previous answers. Edit and submit. You'll have a new confirmation. Take both old and new DS160 confirmation to the appointments.


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