I put my Vietnam e-visa application in this morning and have been checking its progress from time to time despite them saying it usually takes 3 to 6 days. But I did see an update now close to 5pm, just not what I expected:

"Please provide a specific (expected) address in Vietnam"

In my initial application I chose the first accommodation I could find on Google Maps on the other side of the nearby border crossing I intend to use:

I put "Khu Du lịch Khoáng nóng Sơn Kim" which is the name and address, I suppose, as it's shown in Google Maps info. Google Maps has another field just below with "C6MC+5R Hương Sơn, Ha Tinh, Vietnam"

NGL, Google maps shows the accommodation symbol: Map of border crossing and first accommodation on Vietnam side

NGL, Google Maps uses the word "Hotel": Google Maps accommodation search indicating it's a hotel

NGL, Photo looks a lot like a hotel building with numbered guest rooms: Building with row of doors

NGL, People have reviewed the rooms: Review from Google Maps

Sure looks like a real hotel there. I did try to Google the place first to find more details like phone number etc but didn't find anything. I've been on the road close to two years and for every other country I've had visa waiver or visa-on-arrival and just put the name of the accommodation and it's always been fine.

So I'm allowed to amend my application and did so. This time I chose the closest one on Booking.com, which is in a proper town and used the address as listed in Booking.com:

"Khách sạn Ngàn Phố
6 Đường Nguyễn Tuấn Thiện, Hương Sơn"

Should this be sufficient? My time is getting pretty tight. I have 7 days left on my Laos visa, should be enough time to get to a crossing with Thailand or Cambodia if I'm denied again. But if I have to keep retrying and I hear back once per day just before 5pm I could easily run out of days.

Does anyone have any knowledge on what exactly is required for this field and if it's known to be a problem?

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    If Google Translate is to be believed, your first address was "Son Kim Hot Mineral Tourist Area", which is neither hotel nor street address. So your second attempt sounds much better. Commented Mar 4 at 10:50
  • Well that makes sense. I guess I got used to the names of accomm in Thailand and Laos in Google maps usually being right. Commented Mar 4 at 12:04
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    So you made up an address where you have no intention of staying, and hadn't even checked to that it was a hotel or similar, and are surprised that your visa application was rejected? Why don't you just put the real address where you propose to stay, and hope that lying on your first application hasn't ruined any chance of getting a visa? Commented May 1 at 20:54
  • @RichardSmith No. So you made up a story and lied about what I did so you could call somebody a liar on the internet? Commented May 2 at 6:26
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    I for one am confused. What is your expected address in Vietnam?
    – AakashM
    Commented May 2 at 9:14

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You need to fill in Vietnamese without accents and in order: name of hotel/tourist area (if any), number and name of street, ward, district, city/province.

Example: White Paradise hotel, 5 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Ward 11, Tan Binh district

Please be careful because it will take you an additional 3 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) from the date you update the information.

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