I bought Eurostar tickets from Utrecht to Paris from sncf-connect.com, and imported those in the SNCF Connect app on my phone.

For the Rotterdam - Paris section, there is a QR code, but for Utrecht - Rotterdam, it instructs me to collect the tickets from a ticket machine before departure.

This is explained in more detail on the how to collect your ticket page in the app, where it says you can use either an SNCF ticket machine, or go to an SNCF train station.

There is no option to print the ticket.

Is there any way to collect my ticket in the Netherlands (preferably in Utrecht)?

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    It looks like the Utretch to Rotterdam is on NS, you may need to go to a NS ticket office to get the tickets Commented Feb 11 at 16:21
  • @NicolasFormichella do you know where to get more information about that? I know it is NS, but the tickets were bought through sncf
    – Berend
    Commented Feb 11 at 16:29
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    SNCF connect is a pain to deal with, first I suggest you to contact NS and find out if they can create your ticket, if they can't, try contacting SNCF Connect... If everything fails, you may want to bite the bullet and get a separate NS ticket for that journey (12€20) Commented Feb 11 at 16:32
  • SNCF connect has no clue even about trains. They will tell you that you need to board the Utrecht to Rotterdam train 5 minutes before departure (which is nonsensical) and that you have to be at Rotterdam for the Eurostar to Paris an hour in advance, which is also nonsens. Commented Feb 11 at 18:41
  • @KristvanBesien I am pretty sure they didn't change the programming after Thalys and Eurostar merger (With OG Eurostar requiring you to be at boarding an hour early due to border formalities) Commented Feb 12 at 2:35

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There is no way for you to collect this ticket. SNCF is not able to produce electronic tickets for domestic Dutch trains. The same problem also often turns up when buying tickets for other countries on SNCF.

This is one of the reasons why it is often best to buy your train ticket from the national railway of the country where the trip starts. Had you bought this on nsinternational.com you would not have run in to this issue.

See if you can cancel that part of the trip, and buy a trip for Utrecht - Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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    That's unfortunate, but not entirely surprising either. I think that technically they could do it, I mean, Deutsche Bahn can, so why not SNCF. Wether they want to is a different question of course ;-) I'm still waiting for a reply from SNCF, but they're slow to respond.
    – Berend
    Commented Feb 12 at 9:23
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    The will needs to exist of course. And NS, DB, NMBS, OBB, SBB etc... all use the TSI standard for ticketing. SNCF of course does not. Commented Feb 12 at 10:56
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    For the Netherlands using the NSInternational website often isn't the best way to get tickets; it's horrifically slow when you want to compare multiple dates. DB and ÖBB (for their Nightjet) have websites which are much easier to search tickets from, and their tickets work in the Netherlands. It really depends on the operator.
    – JeroenHoek
    Commented Feb 12 at 14:14
  • Yes, you can use DB and OBB etc... This because those countries all follow the TSI standard for e tickets... Commented Feb 14 at 6:56
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    @luc: DB does not sell tickets for domestic Dutch journeys, but NMBS, OBB, and SBB for example do. However you will end up paying more than when you buy directly from NS, so it is not very useful. Which is maybe why DB just doesn't do it. Another difference is that DB sells tickets for a "relation", whereas SNCF nowadays sells tickets for trains. So Utrecht - Paris ends up being two tickets, whereas Utrecht - Hamburg for example is one ticket. Commented Feb 14 at 21:52

In addition to Krist's answer, here's the response I got from SNCF:

The withdrawal for this ticket referenced XXXXXX can only be printed on a self service kiosk in a French or Luxembourg train station. The SNCF does not have the possibility to give you an e-ticket with the foreign trains.

If you cannot print it in a French train station, I invite you to, first, book a new ticket at the station or on the official website of the country. Do not cancel those tickets, you might have cancellation fees. Then, to request a refund, please click here: https://alc.cx/vsiva

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