Is there a taxi/car service company in Boston which can provide a child car seat, if we request one in advance? We realize that the T is usually very convenient and that's what we'll mostly be using, but there are a couple of times when a cab will be useful and we won't have a car seat along.


Fortunately, the family-friendly website FamilesGoTravel.com has this:

Here is a list of Taxi companies who have told us they have car seats. We recommend you call ahead to confirm they’ll have one available to you.

And their company for Boston:



Hope that helps!


There are a lot of cab companies who provide infant / regular / booster seats as per you requirement. Boston ground transporation authority and boston police both have clear rules about the safety of child passengers and a child seat is mandatory. Here are some site that provide child seats in Boston and family transport for upto 7 people.


Yes, off course there are lots of Cab companies in Boston and its near about areas which provide a child car seat and also wheelchair accessible cabs. Here i suggest you Cambridge cabs ma company which provide pick-up and drop-off services from Boston airport. You can just call them or book your cab online in advance.

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    Hi, are you related to this company? Plus, it is not mentioned on the website that there are child seats available. – Vince Mar 7 '14 at 8:03

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