My flight lands at MXP at 10AM June 21st, 2024. It's an international flight from Canada. I need to go to Interlaken on the same day. Looks like the schedule is not available yet. Also looks like there will be a repair work on the Domodossola line. When should I look into booking this? what's the best way to go there?

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    Sbb.ch gives several options on that day, you could book those right now.
    – Berend
    Feb 7 at 18:52
  • SBB currently only shows a route that involves a detour via Lugano. This because Italian schedules for June are not on line yet. Feb 7 at 21:55

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MXP is not a convenient airport for Interlaken.

But the best route is going to be: Bus to Domodossola, then train from there. And I would expect schedules to be available May or so.

Info on the bus you will find here: https://www.comazzialibus.com/ComazziAlibus/?locale=EN

And schedules for the trains you will find on www.sbb.ch. But schedules for June are not complete yet.

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