I have received a PFL from Canada embassy stating that i used compensate representative for submitting my application.

Actually i didn't, but i can understand the concerns of the officer because i also submitted an application for my friend days after i submitted mine, now i have all evidence for the friendship relationship.

What i need to understand is how to prove both applications come from me?

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    are you able to post a scan of the letter with your name and other sensitive information blocked out? You get a letter like this because they are about to deny you, but want to give you a chance (fairness) to respond to their concerns. Commented Jan 28 at 19:20
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    Using a paid agent in an application is not a crime or a reason to reject you. They will have other concerns that the letter will tell you about. If they also received other applications with very similar wording that could be a problem. The official advice about PFLs says you may want to take legal advice. If you do get it from a licensed immigration consultant. Commented Jan 29 at 5:00


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