We are travelling to Egypt on Sunday. My Wife is a Canadian/British citizen with a Canadian passport, but has the indefinite right of entry in it. Will she be able to get a visa on entry in Sharm El-Sheikh?

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    Indefinite right of entry to where? The UK? Commented Jan 5 at 23:02
  • Egyptian embassy in Ottawa announces new visa requirement for Canadian nationals effective 1 October 2023 On 7 September 2023, the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa announced that effective 1 October 2023, Canadian passport holders will be required to obtain entry visas from an Egyptian embassy or consulate before traveling to Egypt. They will no longer be able to obtain e-visas prior to travel or visas on arrival in Egypt. Consult Egypt's visa policies. Commented Jan 5 at 23:11
  • @WeatherVane That sounds like an answer. Commented Jan 6 at 5:15
  • It does and doesn’t really? Yes Canadian as said but she’s also a British citizen she uses her Canadian passport which has a right of abode stamp and states that a British citizen can use another passport from another country to travel if they are of dual citizenship so going back to my unanswered question would she get a VOA if she were to go to Egypt as she is a British citizen and allowed by law to use her Canadian passport to travel as a British citizen?
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    If she is using a Canadian passport to travel to Egypt then she is travelling as a Canadian citizen, obviously. If she wants to travel as a British citizen she would use her British passport. Above, it says Canadian passport holders. Commented Jan 6 at 10:30

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So, British citizens get visa-free in Sharm El-Sheikh, whereas Canadian citizens don't. If she wants to travel visa-free to Sharm El-Sheikh, she will have to use her British passport, at least when passing through Immigration, in and out, in Egypt.

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