I want to leave Tbilisi in the late evening on December 21 and arrive in Batumi early on December 22, what options do I have?

What I've found so far

  • According to this question from 11 years ago there was a Marschrutka and a bus leaving from Station Square Metro for Batumi at midnight. Is this still the case? What are some good evening travel options?

  • This answer to the old question mentions an overnight train. However, the latest train I could find at tre.ge departs at 17:05. Where can I find this overnight train?

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Only answering the night train part:

The train website offers a schedule which mentions a train from Tbilisi to Batumi departing at 00:30:

enter image description here

However, it also mentions a date on the right (you have to scroll horizontally on the website to see it). It seems to indicate that the train is in service only on those dates.
If you search for a train ticket from Tbilisi to Batumi on one of those dates the train does appear:

enter image description here

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