I'm flying into SJO and staying at a guest house 3 minutes away in Alajuela. I'm hoping to find what amount I should expect to pay so that I don't get overcharged.

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Airport taxis are usually expensive, as is almost anything you buy at an airport.

They are likely to price up a short journey: they won't want to wait an hour for a job just to take a $10 fare.

You could obtain contact details for local taxi operators, and phone them in advance for 'on demand' quotes (not booking in advance). Then when you have gone through immigration call a taxi "right away, I am waiting".

They won't want to take a booking in advance for such a short journey, with the unreliability of landing and immigration times.

Another way would be to use Uber, which operates in Costa Rica. But again, don't make a booking in advance. If you can, ask the airport taxis first, and if you don't like their price, call Uber, right in front of them.


You can view the prices on Uber:

enter image description here

4000 CRC is about 7 USD.

Ride sharing is recommended if possible in countries where regular taxi drivers may be dishonest, i.e. most countries.

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