I was on student visa in italy I stayed for 3 months only in italy and got my permesso di soggiorno which is valid till 16 Jan 2024. My visa has just expired on 14th oct 2023. Now I want to travel from Pakistan to Italy on Permesso di soggiorno. Will I be able to enter italy smoothly or there will be any problem as I’m going back after 10 months later

  • @Willeke You're right, thanks. I have since found this earlier Travel:SE question, which also came from an OP with no visa. The answer to that earlier question cites the Schengen Borders Code which exempts a permesso holder from holding (or even applying for) a visa. This convinces me that my earlier answer here was in error, and I have deleted it. Commented Nov 13, 2023 at 3:01

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A Permesso di soggiorno is a residence permit.

When you left Italy, you probably de-registered your residence there (or, at least, should have).

Under such circumstances a residence permit will often be cancelled.

Since you are no longer a resident, you should apply for a visitor visa.

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