• Wife is an Indian citizen, currently working as a salaried employee in India.
  • She has her USA tourist visa appointment next month.
  • She is currently working at a 30% pay cut (since 8 months) because of some financial / funding complications at her company. The company has promised to restore her salary as soon as the funding goes through and will also back-pay the amount of total pay-cut.

In the DS-160 form, there is a section to write the monthly salary in local currency. My question is, in the case of my wife, what should be written in this section?

  • Current salary (after the 30% pay cut) that she gets in her bank (after tax deductions).
  • Her original monthly salary before the 30% pay cut after tax deductions.
  • Average of all the monthly salaries that she has got since the last year.
  • The amount that she paid total taxes on in her last Income tax return?

I understand that this entire situation is needlessly complicated, and the visa officers are expecting one simple number here. I just want to understand what would be the most straightforward way here?

Which document would be a better proof in this case?

  1. Bank statements with salary credits.
  2. Salary slips from the company.
  3. Income tax return filed for the last year.

Note: I know there are a few duplicate questions regarding monthly salary, but none of them explained my situation, so asking this. If possible, please also provide a link to any official US document or website which clarifies this. I tried, but didn't find any official information on what to write here.

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    I think what she currently gets is the most reasonable option: it would match salary slips and bank statements. Anything else would just lead to inconsistencies.
    – jcaron
    Nov 3 at 9:00
  • I doubt there’s any official guidance specifically covering this situation. I don’t see that it’s particularly complicated, although I can see why you would like to be able to show a higher income level. If the application asks about monthly salary, you can only state what she is currently receiving (and has been receiving for quite a long time). The fact that it’s only 30% of her previous level and there’s a promise to reinstate it at some unspecified date in the future (which may never happen) is irrelevant IMHO.
    – Traveller
    Nov 3 at 16:23
  • @Traveller, post as an answer not as a comment, especially as most of what you say has already been posted in an earlier comment
    – Willeke
    Nov 3 at 21:43


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