I just came across Bored of hotels? Stay in a palace

If 6-star hotels just aren't doing it for you anymore, we have the answer.


Yep, that's right. You can live like a king in a palace, and let us tell you, it's pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, the prices are a bit on the expensive side.

Are there more affordable (presumably former) palaces available as accommodation?

Affordable: ideally less than US$200 a night twin-share, or US$150 for a single. Failing that, less than US$200 per person. (The article talks about rooms at the palaces, rather than renting the entire palace out!)

Location: In the Asia-Pacific region: East Asia, Southeast Asia and Ocenia.

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It's at the high end of your price range (lowest price seems to be 160 EUR for a single room, 190 for a double), but Schlosshotel Kronberg is the closest I could find in Germany. It's a real historical palace (built in 1893 for a dowager Empress, still owned by a former royal family) and looks like it.

enter image description here

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