The BRP card of a person I'm interested in hiring states:

  • Type of permit: Dependant leave to enter
  • Remarks: Restricted work, no work as sportsperson

I'm hiring for an IT role, so the "no sportsperson" restriction doesn't apply, however whatt does "restricted work" mean in this context?

Here's the image of the card (with photo, name and number pixelised): enter image description here

P.S. Of course, I will have the HR perform formal verification, however I want to establish if I should even start the hiring process.

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You can't check for that on the BRP itself, you can only check that status online (from gov.uk wizard) and, for that, they need to send you their Share Code

As an aside, please know that this looks like a Tier 2 Skilled Worker BRP, of which the holder can't switch employer without appropriate change of visa

change jobs or employer unless you apply to update your visa

  • Thanks. This is not a Tier 2 - it's clearly stated on the card - "Dependant"
    – Aleks G
    Sep 22, 2023 at 12:01

Under most circumstances, the only restriction is the professional sportsperson (including sports coach) prohibition under SW 36.3 of the Immigration Rules. However, the share code is the most straightforward way to check a person's current immigration status and right to work, and is anyway required before you may hire a foreign worker.

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