I wasn't able to select seats for interconnecting flights with Qatar and IndiGo. I could for Qatar but the next flight with Indigo is not showing any results. Please suggest how to check in. Also explain so that I can generate a boarding pass.

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I just traveled on a Qatar Airways ticket and the Chennai-Doha leg was operated by Indigo. I was able to call Indigo while in Chennai, under 48 hours from departure, to do seat selection. The customer service rep I called stated that the department handling the seat assignment was busy and said they'll call me back on the number (Indian SIM) I called from. They called me back an hour later and helped me select seats and it worked out fine.

The boarding pass - I was only able to get at the airport, but they gave me boarded passes for the onward Qatar Airways flight too and the luggage was transferred directly.


Yeah, IME you can't select seats on IndiGo connections for Qatar flights. (That's not unusual for codeshare connections.) Just continue checking in without selecting a seat.

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