A Nigerian Nationality My wife and kids are traveling from South Africa to Canada, and I booked British Airways for 2 layover tickets. One ticket is from South Africa to London, and the second is from Dublin to Toronto. They do not have any checked bags, so they do not need to collect there bags. only hand luggage in hand. Their tickets is 09:00 and 13:20 same day, which is still within a range

Does he require any type of visa to transit through Dublin?


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Does he require any type of visa to transit through Dublin? Yes.

According to Irish Immigration, Nigeria is a transit visa required country.

Note also the information here regarding the implications of the UK’s Immigration Rules relating to TWOV in the Common Travel Area. Effectively, London to Dublin is considered a domestic flight and so immigration controls apply in London Transit query Delhi-London-Dublin-Toronto

  • Thanks to everybody who reached out regarding this question, What I later did was change my flight to one transit which is only at Heartow Airport to Pearson Airport in Toronto, instead of going to Dublin to transit Moreover I didn't have the time to request for transit visa for Dublin Sep 12, 2023 at 13:54

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