Are Free Museum Sundays only valid for Italian residents? I live In germany and have a valid blue card permit. Can I still avail these sunday offers? If yes, do I need to book something prior or do I just go wait in the line?

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Are Free Museum Sundays only valid for Italian residents?

There are 2 different initiatives

  • national museums (the whole of Italy)
  • city museums of Florence

Based on the 2 pages I found, only the city museums of Florence restricts the free entry to the residents of the province of Florence.

Since you have not supplied a link that uses this term, I assume that it will be similar to the first link below which also list the museums seperatly (free for everyone and only free for residents of the province of Florence).

2023-08-28: Sunday at the Museum in Florence
As on every first Sunday of the month, the free museums in Florence are back for everyone, thanks to the Domenica al museo initiative, while residents - thanks to the La Domenica Metropolitana initiative - in the Metropolitan City of Florence can visit the civic museums run by the city council free of charge, where guided tours and family visits are also planned.

  • Domenica al museo initiative
    • for everyone

    Free Museums Florence 2023 > First Sunday of the month and beyond
    With the Ministerial Decree 94/2014, the MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) introduced the "Sunday at the museum" (#DomenicalMuseo), an initiative that provides for free entry to all museums and areas state archaeological sites of our country on the first Sunday of the month.
    With Ministerial Decree 13/2019, which came into force on 28 February, the Ministry then limited the validity of this initiative to only the first Sundays of the month which go from October to March.

  • Domenica Metropolitana initiative
    • while residents

    Free Museums Florence 2023 > First Sunday of the month and beyond
    The famous "Sunday of the Florentine" - which for some years has become "Metro Sunday" - provided for all citizens residing in Florence and its province free admission to the Florentine Civic Museums on the second Sunday of the month.

    Since 2015, however, the Municipality of Florence has decided to align the "Sunday of the Florentine" with the "Sunday at the museum": at the moment, therefore, even the Florentine Civic Museums are free for residents every first Sunday of the month .


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