I am travelling to Paris and I am confused how to validate the ticket when changing metro or bus. I will be using the Navigo Easy pass.

Below an example of a way I might take. The second option, the metro 1 then the bus 47, so before I enter the metro I validate my ticket then when I change and take the bus Should I validate my ticket again while entering the bus or it will be counted as a new ticket?

Is it enough to validate the ticket only once when I enter the first metro or bus and then it does not matter how many metro or bus I change?

Or at every metro or bus I take I must scan my Navigo pass?

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There are two different concepts at play here: validation, and tickets.

You have to validate:

  • Any time you enter the metro network (by going through a turnstile)
  • Any time you enter or exit the RER network (ditto)
  • Any time you board a bus or tram (by using the validators near the doors).

A t+ ticket is valid for a single trip across either the metro + RER network (metro currently anywhere, RER inside Zone 1, aka the actual city of Paris), OR across the bus + tram network. There are time limits in each case (counted differently).

Each time you validate, either a new t+ ticket is used (if this is a new trip, or if you switched networks), or the current active ticket is automatically re-used if it’s still valid and you didn’t switch networks.

In your screenshot:

  • first itinerary (line 1 then line 7): you validate when you enter the metro station, it will use a single t+ ticket. No further validation.

  • second itinerary (line 1 then bus 47): validation when entering the line 1 metro station, then when you board the bus. Two tickets will be used.

  • third itinerary (line 1 then RER B): you validate when you enter the line 1 metro station, then when you go from line 1 to RER B, then when you exit RER B, but it will all be on a single t+ ticket.

Note that metro-metro and metro-RER connections must be made within the same station complex, or via one of the approved out-of-station connections.

  • You can note that at some huge complexes like Châtelet, changing from a Metro line to another Metro, might require validation (Gare de Lyon too) Jul 27, 2023 at 3:16

Or at every metro or bus I take I must scan my Navigo pass ?

This, you must validate your card if you change between transport modes (Metro ↔ RER, Metro ↔ Bus/Tram)

For metros, it's easy, you will be forced to validate. For buses and trams, you still need to validate.

Remember that changing between Metro and Bus, counts as a separate ticket for the bus

Can be used on metro and rail services (train and RER) in Paris

  • The Ticket t+ permits *metro-metro, rail-rail and metro-rail connections in Paris for two hours from first validation.
  • It is not valid on trains or RERs outside of Paris.

It can be used on the bus or tram (excluding express tram)

  • A single Ticket t+ is valid for the entire trip (with the exception of certain regular lines, see below).
  • It allows connections between bus and tram for 90 minutes between the first and the last validation.
  • Please note that the Ticket t+ is not accepted on the express tram


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