Recently airlines seem to have ratchetted up auxiliary fees to the point that the final price is often 50%-100% higher than the advertised price. The fees are primarily cabin baggage, checked baggage and seat selection. These fees can vary a lot from airline to airline and are often difficult to determine up front. In some cases they are not disclosed until after you have booked ("you can choose your add-ons later").

Example of a specific search: roundtrip Berlin<->Boston, Oct 13, 2023 to Jan 10, 2024 +-3 days for both departure and arrival. 2 passengers, 1 checked bag each, no overhead carry-on, minimal seat reservation (so they can sit together, no fancy seats). Currently the best option I found is $604 on Delta, but it was very difficult to find.

A few search engines that I tried:

  • ITA Matrix : has (surprisingly) zero support for auxiliary fees and also doesn't search budget carriers like Play Air or Norse Atlantic
  • Google Flights : It has a bag filter but that only allows to add carry-on, not checked bags (on this specific search).
  • Momondo, Kayak, Beat That Flight They do have checked bag filters but they don't work for the +-3 day matrix. Either the matrix disappears or the displayed prices are not available if you click on a specific date.
  • No engine seems to have any means of incorporating seat reservation fees (if required to sit together)

Potential duplicates:

These are both fairly old, fees have gone up a lot recently and none of the answers provided did what I was hoping for (find lowest price over a certain date range)

Question: how to compare flight prices including checked bag fee and minimal seat reservation privileges over a date range (+- 3 days or there abouts).

  • It's odd how Google Flights removes the checked-bag option for flights outside US/Canada (that seems to be the pattern I noticed)
    – Midavalo
    Jul 25, 2023 at 21:39
  • I'm guessing that the airlines have intentionally made it very hard to determine baggage fees. A "Basic Economy" exclusion filter would help somewhat but there is still a lot of variability. Example Basic on Delta includes carry on, Basic and JetBlue doesn't
    – Hilmar
    Jul 26, 2023 at 11:32


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