I am working as a scientist for an US university and I have been invited to attend a conference in France. However, I am working remotely from India to take care of family responsibilities for the last one month. I am not going back to the US before the conference and I plan to leave for France from India. Will I be able to apply for Schengen visa with the France Consulate General in India? I am an Indian citizen and hold an Indian passport. France is my main destination country.

I have read these question posted a long time ago. An answer in one of these say I need to be in India for 6 months to apply from India. Will someone be able to give me an updated answer? Help much appreciated.

  1. Applying for Schengen visa from India for a person working in USA
  2. Details regarding getting a French Schengen visa

Update on 11 Aug 2023:

Following suggestions from this forum I applied for my Schengen visa with the France Consulate General on 7 Aug. The visa was delivered on 11 Aug. (For the ones interested: I clearly mentioned my situation in the cover letter that I have been allowed to work from home by my employer to take care of family responsibilities. My employer also mentioned the same in their support letter.)

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    I believe the answers are still correct. For questions of applicable consulates, you are a resident of the US, currently visiting in India. If possible, you should apply from the US, otherwise you need to explain clearly why you cannot.
    – o.m.
    Jul 16, 2023 at 17:51

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If you are an Indian citizen with a valid passport, and have current residence proof- house ownership papers/ Aadhar card/ rent agreement, then you should have no problem applying from India at all. It's a standard procedure. There are no barriers to Indian citizens applying from India. Only in special cases do they request even the residence proof.

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