Can I use US Pre-clearance in Dublin if my flight originates in Edinburgh, has a layover in Dublin and ends in San Francisco on Aer Lingus?

Basically, Dublín is my transiting airport

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    You must pass pre-clearance at DUB. Whether it's your origin or a transit stop (only if directly flying to the US from that point) on your way to the US. Have traveled several times through there.
    – Ozzy
    Jun 26, 2023 at 18:42

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Dublin Airport FAQ states :

Do I have to go through US Preclearance for a connecting flight?

If you are travelling from Dublin to the US on your connecting flight you can use the US Preclearance facility in Dublin and will not have to go through US customs when you land.

If you fly from Dublin to another airport outside of the US then you will not use US Preclearance.

So yes, you will have to pass through Preclearance

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