I will be visiting the UK from India to do a short research at a university in the UK. From the UK GOV website, I found the following visa type to be most relevant under visit to study option in standard visitor visa:-

  • do a short piece of research that’s relevant to your course overseas

However, when I was filling out the visa form, under the question main reason for your visit to the UK when I selected the option "Short-term study (up to 6 months), including recreational course", the next page was course enrolment page where I was asked following questions:-

  • Are you enrolled or accepted on a UK course, at an accredited institution? (Required)
  • Is the course you plan on studying a recreational course lasting no longer than 30 days?

I feel this is not the relevant section for me, should I go with other option in main reason to visit or something else?


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A Standard Visitor visa is the correct option. In addition to fulfilling the suitability and eligibility criteria as a visitor, if you’re visiting to study you must also show that you fulfil the requirements relating to the type of study you will be doing.

For example, to do a short piece of research you must prove that:

  • you’re at least 16 years old
  • you’re already enrolled on a course overseas that is the equivalent of a UK degree
  • you’ve been accepted by a UK higher education institution to take part in research that’s relevant to the course you’re studying overseas.

The institution where you’ll ve doing your research should be able to guide you.

  • Thanks for the answer, I am going for the standard visitor option, however under it, these are the options available for the main reasons for stay: Tourism/Business/Academic/Marriage/Private/Medical/Visit to study/Others. When I select visit to study it only shows the course enrollment page; however, in UK GOV website visit to study has many options, including short research Here is the link:- gov.uk/standard-visitor/visit-to-study
    – Anon231312
    Jun 4 at 12:19
  • @AkshatGautam You can only select between the options given. Try the academic option. AFAIK both require that you’ve been accepted by an institution.
    – Traveller
    Jun 4 at 13:48

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