I am planning a trip to Ireland, and I am from a country that does not require a visa.

My trip duration will be 6 to 7 days. My partner will be paying for most of the trip, but they are also a tourist in Ireland (from the US). However, we will not be entering the country with the same flight.

If I have the plane ticket and accommodation already paid for, how much money will I need to prove to immigration that I have enough funds to not become a burden on the state


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There is no set amount. Although you are a non-visa national, in order to satisfy any questions from Immigration officials on your arrival, you can still use the same documents a visa applicant would need to provide. This would include having with you, for example:

  • an itinerary
  • proof of accommodation
  • bank statements


Since you’re relying on your partner for most of the expenses, you should get a letter from them confirming how much the trip is expected to cost and how much they are contributing. It may also be best to book a flight that arrives after your partner’s flight. That way you can either meet up and clear Immigration together, or he/she will already have cleared border control and will be contactable landside if needed.


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