I am walking to the Caucasus and bought some bear spray for self-defence against bears in Slovenia. If I disclose that I have bear spray in my tent bag to the border guards along the way, are they likely to tolerate me taking it across the following borders: Croatia-Bosnia-Montenegro-Albania-Greece-Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan?

  • Unless you're travelling by plane, I see no reason why it would cause problems. IMO, no need to mention it upfront. May 26 at 6:20
  • Several sources claim that pepper spray is illegal in Greece, e.g. Wikipedia citing the US State Department. I haven't found a reference for the actual Greek law, though. May 26 at 7:00
  • @Johnnyjanko surely the border guards are likely to ask whether I have any any of a long list of items in my rucksack, and one word in that list is likely to be "weapons"?
    – novice
    May 26 at 7:06


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