I am traveling from Vietnam to Kazakhstan. I am looking to buy these flight tickets separately.

First Hanoi-Dubai (DXB T1) in Philippines Airlines 4 Hours Layover. 2nd Dubai (DXB T3) - Alamaty, Kazakhstan via Fly Dubai.

I am buying these tickets separately. Will I need transit visa for this time or I don't need transit visa to travel to terminal 3 from terminal 1?

I am a Bangladeshi Passport Holder, I will don't have any checked baggage. I will carry only backpack.

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    What is your nationality, and are you planning to take checked baggage? May 18 at 12:54
  • I am from Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Passport Holder. And I will take hand baggage no checked baggage. May 18 at 12:59

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I had booked my Han-DXB ticket with Philipens Airlines, They are partnered airline of Fly Dubai. So they give me my boarding pass from Hanoi and I didn't need any visa for Dubai to Alamaty flight.

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