I ordered expedited passport but it is still being processed by US Passport Agency. Today is May 1st, flight leaves for son's wedding in Japan on Sunday morning. I have contacted passport agency by phone 3 times but they don't give further updates. Am trying to contact airline but not getting through. What should I do? Haven't flown since 1988.

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    Airline can't do anything as you need a passport. You can try for an urgent appt now that you're close to flying: travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast.html
    – mkennedy
    Commented May 1, 2023 at 22:43
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    @mkennedy that seems like an answer
    – mlc
    Commented May 1, 2023 at 23:05
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    @Traveller Rescheduling a flight is easy, rescheduling a wedding is much harder. Commented May 2, 2023 at 0:58
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    @lambshaanxy Of course. However mostly wedding dates are set sufficiently well in advance to allow for obtaining a passport, even taking into account extended processing times
    – Traveller
    Commented May 2, 2023 at 7:32
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    Also keep another form of identity verification on hand (driving license, expired passport). I have personally experienced an airline asking for additional verification when the passport was issued close to the flight date (less than 5 days in my case).
    – bracco23
    Commented May 2, 2023 at 15:54

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You may qualify for "urgent travel", according to the State Department's "How to Get my US Passport fast" website, which also directs you to the "Passport Agencies" section, where The State Department has specific instructions regarding "urgent travel".

US State Department Urgent Travel

Good luck! Enjoy the wedding and Japan!

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    Is the requirement to make an appointment new? Or just for people who have already applied for a passport? On two occasions - in 2004 and again (after losing a passport) in 2008 - I had ultra-last-minute business travel plans, and both times I was able to drive to the nearest Passport Acceptance Facility and get a new passport the same day. Of course this could have changed over 15 years.
    – TypeIA
    Commented May 3, 2023 at 15:09
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    @TypeIA just speculating, but Covid-19 brought strict appointment enforcement for a lots of places / offices, which may not have been lifted since, or just not reflected on the website Commented May 4, 2023 at 9:13

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