I've a single entry Israel visa granted for 3 months. After spending 3 days in Israel, I have to travel to Dubai from Tel Aviv for 2-3 days and return back. The flight from Dubai to Tel Aviv lands in terminal T3. I have to come back to Tel Aviv only to board the flight back to London LTN from there - EasyJet airline departing from Ben Gurion airport T1. I don't plan to reenter the country.

Since the Israel visa granted is a single entry visa, will I be allowed to make the transit from T3 to T1 without it being considered as 2nd entry to the country?


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You will need a new visa as you need to enter

Putting that you are an Indian citizen (any visa-required country will have the same message) in TIMATIC (database for document requirements):

Israel - Transit Passport

Admission and Transit Restrictions

Passengers are not allowed to transit through Israel.

  • Yes, hold an indian passport. Thank you for your reply.
    – Ajith
    Apr 24 at 14:37

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