I'm going on an Ocean Liner Cruise from Southampton to New York. I am an Indian citizen and I live in India. I have a valid US visa. I am planning to fly to Southampton a day before the cruise. My question is, do I need to take a visitor visa for the UK? I used the online calculator to see if I need a visa, and it says that I don't need one as long as I am traveling to the US. However, I'm not sure about two things:

  • Will I be asked for a visa when boarding my flight to Southampton from Kochi?
  • Will I be allowed to actually exit the airport to head to the Southampton port? I know that I will be allowed to stay within the airport, but will I actually be allowed to exit the airport and go to the port?

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You need a visa.

To reach the port in Southampton you will need to clear UK immigration. You are not eligible to transit the UK without a visa because you are not arriving and departing by air.


Since you’ll be going through UK border control but leaving the UK within 48 hours, you should apply for a Visitor in Transit visa https://www.gov.uk/transit-visa/visitor-in-transit-visa

  • Okay, that makes sense. Would a Transit Visa work for me or do I need to get a Standard Visa?
    – Zo-Bro-23
    Apr 19 at 8:47
  • 1
    @Zo-Bro-23 Using the online tool you linked in your question, you need a Visitor in Transit visa
    – Traveller
    Apr 19 at 8:52

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