Can we use the 49 euro Deutschland ticket for SWE RB25 that goes from Offenburg, Germany to Strasbourg, France?

The stops in between are Kork, Kehl, Krimmeria Meinau (all of them are in Germany). Strasbourg is the first stop after the border.

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No. There is a list of which routes the Deutschlandticket is valid on, and the only routes in France (on page 14) are:

  • Berg(Pfalz) – Lauterbourg (on DB Regio trains)
  • Schweighofen – Wissembourg (on DB Regio or Vlexx trains)

Point 3 of the document also states that the Deutschlandticket is valid on all routes of the various Verkehrsverbünde listed, but as far as I can see from eg https://www.ortenaulinie.de/Startseite/Verbundgebiet/Tarifzonen.html, Strasbourg is not included in that area.

You can of course buy a ticket from the last station which your ticket does cover to Strasbourg, rather than needing a separate ticket to cover the entire journey.

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