I'm travelling from Delhi, India to Toronto, Canada via LHR and DUB. It's a 3 legged journey with stops at London Heathrow and Dublin. I have valid visitor visa for Canada. I understand that I'll need to go through border control at LHR since I'll be taking a LHR-DUB flight, which is a domestic flight. Will I need a UK visa? Which one? Will the border agent let me pass through without one since I have a Canada visa and an onward journey ticket?

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Will I need a UK visa?

You will need an Irish visa, assuming you are an Indian National, gov.uk states :

Transiting without a visa

You may be eligible to transit without a visa if:

  • you arrive and depart by air
  • have a confirmed onward flight that leaves on the day you arrive or before midnight on the day after you arrive
  • have the right documents for your destination (for example, a visa for that country)

You must also have an Irish biometric visa (marked ‘BC’ or ‘BC BIVS’ in the ‘Remarks’ section) and an onward flight ticket to the Republic of Ireland.

E-visas or e-residence permits are not acceptable for transiting through immigration control without a visa.

All visas and residence permits must be valid.

You will not be able to transit without a visa if a Border Force officer decides you do not qualify under the immigration rules.

You won't need a UK visa though, provided you apply in India as an Indian national and your visa in endorsed BC or BC BIVS (through the British-Irish Visa Scheme)

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