I am applying to join a research group in a school in Switzerland and after the first round of interviews, I have been invited by the university in Zurich for an in-person interview so that I can meet the research group and give a presentation on the work I am currently doing. I intend to be in Switzerland for just a night and I am wondering what kind of visa I should be applying for? Should it be a business or tourist visa?

  • A related question; however, it didn't get a definitive answer. – Nate Eldredge Jun 11 '13 at 20:39
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    Universities often have an "international office" staffed with experts on visa and immigration issues. You could ask to be put in touch with this office. – Nate Eldredge Jun 11 '13 at 20:41
  • In the same situation (Zurich, PhD interview) in 2013 I went with a C type Schengen visa with a remark "Business". – Yrogirg May 3 '17 at 18:54

There are no "Business Visa" in Switzerland. There are only short-term (Type C) and long-term visa: in your case, you'll need a short term visa, the details can be read at the FAQ of the department of foreign affairs.

You will need to fill out a Schengen visa application and check "Study" in the "Main purpose" Box.

  • I don't think he should check "Study", since he's not actually studying. "Business" is more appropriate I believe. – Elchin Feb 5 '15 at 17:49

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