I'm a Pakistani citizen, willing to travel from KHI (Pakistan) to KIN (Jamaica) on Emirates airline. Via kHI 》 DXB 》GRU 》 PTY 》 KIN

emirates do have a code sharing agreement with Copa Air so I believe I will receive 4 boarding passes at my origin.

Do I need Brazilian or Panama visa to transit through these countries?

It will be a one way journey and I have the destination country work visa.

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    You can check on the IATA website by entering your full details and travel itinerary here iatatravelcentre.com
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    Commented Mar 22, 2023 at 9:24

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Regarding Brazil: Brazil only has "regular" visas, not transit visas. If you need one it will depend if the leg DXB->GRU->PTY is a single ticket or not.

If it is a single ticket, and you do not leave the international transit area, then Brazil does not require a visa for any nationality (2017 migraton law, art. 13, §3).

But if you have multiple tickets for this leg, or if you need to leave the international area to obtain a new boarding pass, then you as a Pakistani must have a visitor visa.

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