I am expected to visit Rome in the next month. My flight is scheduled to arrive at FCO airport at night 00:30 am.

How to get to Via Cesare Balbo 4, 00184 Roma from FCO airport at night ?

Is there night bus or trains ?

Can I wait at the FCO airport untill morning 5 am for trains ?

Any suggestions is appreciated.


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Is there night bus or trains ? I don't preper taxi because of cheap budget.

The last trains leave around 23:30, so no trains for you

Buses, yes

TAM operates buses leaving at 01:30 and 02:30 (timetable) for a price of €7 single and €12 return

You can buy the tickets directly Online (Select from Fumicino Aeroporto to Stazione Termini)

And the buses depart from the arrival levels at Terminal 3 (Bus stop 13)

The bus will get you to Rome Termini rail station where it is a 10min walk to your destination

  • Thank you very much for help. Can I stay at the airport until 5 am, in case ?
    – MAS
    Mar 21, 2023 at 16:44

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