I will guide a group of Brazilian professional colleagues to Germany for a business expo, later, we will have 4 days to tourist outside Germany and the group decided to visit or France or Italy. They enjoy historical trips more than shopping/adventures/etc... so the question is:

Which (one or two) cities could I plan a schedule in only one of these countries, to maximize the amount of historical things to visit given the short time?

Consider the below conditions:

  1. historical contents are the focus
  2. I have never visited France or Italy, will be a first for me as well.
  3. I'm the only one whose speaks english/spanish/german.
  4. All my colleagues only speak portuguese and never traveled abroad.
  5. I have experience organizing flights, schedules, visas, hotels, so I'll be handling that for the group.
  6. City(s) cost/expenditures is not a problem.
  7. Trip will occur in March/2024

PS: I would much enjoy some recommendations of places to visit, but also just recommending some cities would be useful for me to start planning.

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    In both France and Italy you can find more than you can handle in the few days you have. Select one city or two smaller towns at most.
    – Willeke
    Feb 7 at 21:15
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    If they have 4 days, and want to be overwhelmed by history, monuments and culture, they won't get that by touring for 4 days, mostly spent on highways, but need to be in one major city, such as Paris or Rome. One day each end travelling to/from Germany, two days in the city. The choice may depend on what part of Germany they are staying. Feb 7 at 21:16
  • @WeatherVane 4 days of tourism is already discounting travel time from Germany. Thank you for your comment.
    – RA828
    Feb 8 at 1:50
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    Florence, Italy (Airport Pisa, but also good train connections) might be an interesting option. Tickets for the Palazzo Medici Riccardi - Wikipedia may be hard to get, but the city itsself is worthwhile. A day tour somewhere in the surrounding area: Pisa, San Gimignano: City of Towers, Siena. Feb 8 at 3:02
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    If after the trip they are going back to Brazil, could be smart to pick a city where they can take the flight back saving some time. Being italian I know better this country, I can suggest visiting Rome. Enough overwheilming history to fill 4 days and big airport for going back straight to Brazil afterwards. Since Florence it's only 1h 30min away by train from Rome, and it's also stunning, an idea could be go there first and than moving to Rome. With so little time I highly suggest to book a portughese tour guide that can help you visit the cityes "fast" with some explanations
    – EttoreP
    Feb 26 at 15:28


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