What is the implication of US visa renewal application asking for a list of names and copies of all my old passports?

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    When you applied for the visa that was granted, did you disclose your previous denial?
    – Traveller
    Feb 2 at 1:26
  • yes i did. After that first denial , i applied again and was denied in 2017 before i applied the 3rd time with my 3rd passport and it was granted. i was actually surprised the issue of the date of birth and the surname in my old passport being different didn't come up at the interview when they gave me a visa.
    – A gee
    Feb 2 at 9:24
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    I don't think anyone here can provide you with a satisfactory answer given that you're asking for us to guess at what a request from a consular officer might mean. It simply means they want that information before they decide your case. Just give them all the info once again, it didn't impact your initial application so why would it now?
    – Ozzy
    Feb 2 at 14:56