I have 2 questions:

I am remotely working from India for a U.S. based company which has no offices/branches in India. I am invited to a company event hosted in Iceland.

Question 1:

In the list of documents required for a Business Visa, section 9 says:

  1. A cover letter from the Indian organization or company containing following details; the applicant's identity; the purpose of the journey (meetings, conferences; training or business-related events); and the period and place of intended stay.

As the company doesn't have any offices/branches in India, what should I do?

Question 2

I am not considered an employee as they don't have offices in India. I have registered myself under sole-proprietorship.

Under section 7 for Self-employed, it says:

  1. Self-employed: certificate of registration of the company.

Will the GST Registration Certificate (Form GST REG-06) be enough as a proof of business?

  • Your situation is indeed complex and you do not fall to any obvious category. As a result, you have to be creative, but the consular staff should be able to help. Have you tried contacting the consulate of Iceland in Delhi? Jan 30, 2023 at 12:32


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