With the current widespread riots in Turkey, the police reaction, the government's intervention and the worldwide observation, there've been reports of threats to have the internet restricted, as has happened in nearby countries in recent years.

For travellers currently in Turkey, what, if any of the internet is not presently available or is being actively censored from within Turkey?

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  • @Dirty-flow we had very similar questions about Egypt during the events there.
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    @Dirty-flow Fortunately unrests tend to be localized last 2 world wide ones weren't particularly pleasant...
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There is generally censorship in Turkey related to various topics like Ataturk, Islam, etc.

Apparently there have been additional censorship and limiting of access to social networks as Twitter and Facebook but people have gotten around that too according Net Security and Guardian.


The Internet access is currently available. The deputy prime minister told that as the government they have the power to cut the access to social media such as Twitter and Facebook, but they will not do it since they are democratic :) So no worries. As I said, you can have the Internet connection via 3G, wi-fi networks, or cable without any problem.


Turkey has had censorship for a while due to it's penal codes, which results in strange bans (things like Youtube going down, Google apps being affected by bans of individual google sites etc.) that are sometimes overturned.

If you want to surf generally without restriction you could do worse than have a look at Lahana. It was specifically designed for general censorship free surfing. Tor is another option if anonymity or privacy is particularly important.

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