I am currently in Turkey on a 90 day entry with Passport A. I am planning on leaving Turkey, but returning after the visa runs out to transit through the country further.

Because I have dual citizenship, can I re-enter again but on Passport B to claim a further 90 days?

An important aspect to this is I am travelling with a vehicle by land, so there is no alternative route. The vehicle's number has been registered on the Turkish immigration system when I first entered the country.

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    Generally the presence time limits are per person and not per passport... YMMV with how it may end up being enforced.
    – littleadv
    Jan 19 at 19:15

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It is not possible for foreigners holding two passports to stay in Türkiye for 90 days each with their two different passports within the last 180 days.


Thanks @littleadv, somehow I managed to find my own answer with the correct keywords.

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