I have booked a one-way flight from Denpasar (DPS) to Sydney (SYD) via Adelaide. According to my e-ticket, the baggage allowance is:

Baggage (per Adult/Child) – Check-in: 1 PIECE, Cabin: 7 KG

What does "1 piece" mean exactly? How much baggage weight is allowed?

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    I'd wager (from an outsider's perspective) that it must be one piece of luggage (one container) not exceeding any of the definitions - which are defined in the answer by Nean Der Thal.
    – mishan
    Jan 16 at 23:56
  • It also means that you're allowed one carry-on/hand-luggage/cabin-luggage item that can weigh up to 7Kg.
    – FreeMan
    Jan 17 at 19:16

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According to Virgin Australia the checked-in luggage allowance is 23kg, with a total linear dimension (length + width + height): 140cm (55in).

The luggage can exceed 23kg up to a maximum of 32kg for a fee depending on the flight route.

  • Note for future readers - Virgin Australia luggage depends on your ticket. They have two types of economy fares now - Lite and Choice. Lite does not include checked luggage.
    – Mark Mayo
    Feb 17 at 4:57

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