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I have recently started to fill in the DS-160 for my visa application. However, while doing so, I can see an expiration date of 10.31.2022, means the form has already been expired. Nonetheless, I have opened a new form and the date was the same as before. Can anyone share some insights on why it is happening?

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This is the "OMB number" expiration. OMB is an American governmental agency that evaluates government forms' suitability per the Paperwork Reduction Act. The OMB number is stamped on each form the government creates, and is valid for 3 years.

For DS-160, it apparently expired on October 31st, 2022. That means that the State Department needs to submit the current (or new) form for the OMB re-evaluation. They have done so, but the OMB hasn't processed the new form yet.

You can use the current form.

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