I have Frequent Traveller Status with the Miles & More programme and bought an economy ticket for my next flight with Austrian Airlines. The Miles & More website seems to indicate that I can use the business lounge with this status, but the Star Alliance website indicates that I need Gold Status (equivalent to M&M "Senator") for lounge access, whereas Frequent Traveller equates only to Silver.

Does that mean I get lounge access at Vienna for my Austrian flight but maybe not for other Star Alliance partners? Does this apply for my return flight from Heathrow as well?

  • Careful: *A Gold Status is not equivalent to M&M "Senator". There are distinct differences regarding lounge entry for inbound flights in important hubs in CH, AT and DE, for example.
    – ikaerom
    Feb 4, 2023 at 8:20

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Correct, lounge access for M&M Frequent Travellers is an M&M specific benefit, not Star Alliance related. So you get access to Lufthansa group lounges when you are flying on a Lufthansa group flight (this includes Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, Brussels and Eurowings).

In Heathrow you have access to the Lufthansa Business lounge (you can check the lounge finder at https://www.lufthansa.com/de/de/lounges)


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