I am a Spanish resident (with Spanish nationality) and I want to travel from one city to another in Spain by flight. I have lost my identity document (DNI). I do have a copy of a valid DNI, but its not the actual physical one, just a printed copy. I have a passport that expired at the beginning of 2022, is it possible to travel with it even so?

I have found some web pages that inform that you can flight if the passport is expired within 5 years while others say you clearly need a in-force one (not expired).

I went to Air Europa and I see:

screenshot of text

Domestic flights

  • National ID or Passport (can be expired)
  • Driving licence issued in Spain

This is not what is quoted in an answer below. What are the actual rules?


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For domestic flights, airlines may set their own ID policy. Air Europa's is here. For third country nationals, they state one of the following documents is required:

  • Valid, non-expired passport or travel document
  • Valid residence permit from Spain or a Schengen Country
  • Driving licence (1)
  • Visa according to nationality.

(1) A driving licence is only valid for domestic flights within the country issuing the document.

For Spanish nationals, they state the following documents are permitted:

  • Valid ID or Passport (can be expired)
  • Valid residence permit from Spain or a Schengen Country
  • Driving licence (1)

Since you have an expired Spanish passport I believe you will be permitted to fly.


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