I am an Indian citizen and have a valid Japan Visa which has allowed me to travel visa free to Philippines once. Now I want to travel again to Philippines and my Japan visa is still valid.

Last time I tried to apply for Philippines visa but they didn't accept my application as I had Japan visa. So I am a bit confused if I should apply or try for visa free travel.

Any guidance here will be helpful.

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Indian citizens who has visa to Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States or a Schengen Area state does not require visa to philipines for 14 days. There is no problem using the same visa twice.

Yes. Meeting friends counts as tourism.

I have traveled to Manila using Singapore visa. Border agent just looked at my visa card and gave it back. Didn't note anything.

Note: Reasonable limits apply. If you are trying to live for a long time there, or just leaving and entering for another 14 days will attract attention and will cause problems for you.

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