I will have a long layover on Incheon. I want to visit Seoul during this layover, but according the official website I need a K-ETA and I need to write the address where I'll be staying.

Q17: Transfer/transit passengers who are not entering Korea do not need to get a K-ETA.

Q40: please enter the address of main location where you will be staying during the visit. If the address is changed after you obtained the K-ETA approval, please update it at the K-ETA website [K-ETA Application Results]-[Edit Information]. Please be advised that there may be disadvantages if you do not update your address.

Since my visit will be a short one, I will not get a hotel room. What should I put as the address in this case?

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    In these cases I typically write "transit" in the form. I don't know whether this is acceptable for South Korea or not. If that doesn't work just book the cheapest hostel and use their address. It's less than US$10 per night
    – Hilmar
    Oct 3, 2022 at 16:21

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If you are spending the majority of time (at any one place) at the airport maybe try just writing the address of the airport eg. 272, Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, 22382 Korea.

The FAQ Q40 says to give the address of the "main location", so it is defensible.

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