I have few family members who will be returning home and their flight will be from London Gatwick. After googling, I didn't find anything affordable with respect to parking. Following options popped up

  1. Gatwick airport parking
  2. Looking4.com
  3. Purpleparking

But all the above options provide full day parking and it starts with a minimum of £22 even if a select 2 hour parking.

Where to park on hourly basis (drop off or pick up purposes) at Gatwick?

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Both Gatwick North and South terminals have short stay parking on site. Just follow the direction signs.

You can also drop off right outside the terminal for £5 but you must only stay a few minutes, and can't leave the car unattended.

enter image description here

Image from Google Street View

  • thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know the charges for short stay? Or the best option ? Is it online pre-book or onsite pay-at-the-machine option ?
    – Mahmood
    Sep 28 at 21:47
  • 2
    The charges are given in the link I included. It also says We always recommend that you pre-book for the best rates. You can also park for up to two hours for free in our long stay car parks if you're picking up friends or family. The long stay parks are not as close by. I have †never pre-booked: just turn up and park. Many of the internet posted sites are third-party managed, and mostly intended for air passengers who leave their cars while away. (†except long stay when flying). Sep 28 at 21:49

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