I am trying to book my flight via Travala.com , its my first time booking on this platform as I heard & saw information that they have nice givebacks. I will be really happy if someone can share their experience about this platform please? was there any issue with customer service you faced etc?

Thanks !!

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  • What did the feedback research you’ve done before posting your question tell you about this company? Eg trustpilot.com/review/travala.com has nearly 1,800 reviews posted. Do you have a specific concern about a particular aspect of their service?
    – Traveller
    2 days ago
  • 1
    I highly recommend booking directly with the airline (unless there is a substantial price difference, which is rare). 3rd party bookings often create a customer service "catch 22": i.e. the airline will tell you to talk to Travala and Travala will tell you to talk to the airline.
    – Hilmar
    2 days ago
  • We had this discussion before: there is no price difference where it's worth to use a 3rd party booking site especially these days when IRROPS is so common, they might want to delete the IRR from the beginning of it...
    – chx


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