Here on Travel.SE we have a well-developed question about how to search flights with flexible dates and destinations How can I do a "broad" search for flights? We also have some pieces how to find the hotel offerings flexibly
Hotel booking sites with a calendar view, similar to flight search engines?
How do I find the cheapest date to book a given hotel?
though the use of the latter is very little as most solutions are outdated and don't exist anymore.

But I found little to none info about how to make combined search of the former and the latter. What if I want to go to the Red Sea Coast but I'm pretty flexible about dates and the only thing I know is I want to visit it somewhere between November and December and stay in the first line hotel with a sea view. Egypt is pretty famous for its package deals (flight + hotel all-inclusive), is there any search engine, app or aggregator that provides such deals overview in monthly calendar or I want too much?

Note: I do not need Egypt-specific suggestions, I seek destination-agnostic comprehensive solution. Egypt is taken only as an example.


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