I'm planning to travel by train from Tangier to Fes in October. The ONCF website lists two options:

  • catch the high-speed 'Al Boraq' train to Kenitra, where you have to make a 12 minute connection; or
  • catch a direct train the whole way, which takes about an hour longer and is at a slightly inconvenient time.

Presumably if ONCF shows an option with a 12 minute connection, it is possible to make this connection if everything is running smoothly. But how reliable are the high-speed trains in Morocco? Is it likely to be delayed? And if it is, how likely is it that we'll be able to buy a ticket at Kenitra station for the next slow train to Fes? (I'm not concerned about the cost of having to buy a new ticket.)

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I've had mixed advice.

  • The man in seat 61 lists 'taking an Al Boraq high-speed train from Tangier to Kenitra and changing onto a classic Al Atlas train eastwards to Fes' as a sensible option.
  • One of the support team at rail.ninja says 'we recommend that you take one train without transfers'.
  • A friend of a friend who used to live in Morocco said 'when we lived there, trains were notoriously late. Don't rely on making a connection'. However, he added the caveat that the high-speed service (which didn't exist when he lived there) seems much more reliable, and as that's the first train, it may be okay.

I think given these comments, I'll go for the slower direct train.

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    You can safely ignore anything Rail.Ninja claims. Those people are scammers that have little knowledge about trains, but assume you have even less... Sep 7, 2022 at 20:59
  • @KristvanBesien – other dealings with Rail.Ninja in the last week leave me agreeing with you 100%. Sep 8, 2022 at 8:55

!2 minuts should be 10 more than you need if everything is on time. And you would not expect a railway would force you to buy a new ticket when you miss a connection due to a delayed train.

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