Arriving from JFK into AMS Gate F, transiting to IST, Gate D

Will I need to do anything beyond just walking in to the gate?

I have a 50 minute tight connection.

I've looked at the map and I don't understand if I can travel freely between gate D54 and gate F8

  • Are both flights on the same ticket? If they are, you definitely won't have passport control. I'm less sure about security though it's probably likely.
    – jcaron
    Aug 29 at 7:47
  • 1
    There used to be a security check but I don't think it's the case anymore. No reason to have a passport check and I don't see any on the map: assets.ctfassets.net/biom0eqyyi6b/1HpeRtxnyckeO8ae6guEEo/… The passport checks are marked on the map: see the red dotted line on the ground between concourse D and C.
    – Relaxed
    Aug 29 at 8:03


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