Is there any free parking in Bodø City and around? I need to go to the city and most likely wait in or around town for several days for stuff to arrive. I wonder if there is free (short-term) parking in the city and if there is good parking, maybe somewhere with nature, around Bodo, where I can wait and not disturb anyone for several days. I am driving a Micro Camper that allows me to live in it without needing special big-size parking lots.

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Daytime 08-18, Mon-Sat, there is no free parking in the city center marked by the blue and green zones on this map. Evenings, nights and Sundays are free.

Outside the city, there are usually no parking restrictions. As long as you don't disturb anyone (keeping a distance from populated buildings is always a good idea) and don't need any facilities like water or a toilet, there should be no problem to park a micro camper at most locations.

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    There's also a small no-free-parking area by what appears to be a shopping mall southeast of the city center. Commented Aug 23, 2022 at 12:28

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