Under normal circumstances, to go from Macau to Hong Kong, you can use the ferry (not affiliated with that any company), the bus or even the helicopter

However :

TurboJet says :

Important Notice: In accordance with the HK Government announcement, effective from 00:00 am, 4 February 2020, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan will be temporarily closed. Meanwhile, all the sailing services between HK and Macau will be suspended until further notice.

ONEBUS says (original emphasis)

One Bus have reached a decision that will suspend all services from 25th March 2020

All companies seem to have taken the same steps and cancelled every mean of public transport between the two regions.

Outside of a 25h flight route, is there a way to go between the two regions using public transport?


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Through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, HZM bus (金巴) offers daily Hong Kong-Macau services. You will not pass through mainland Chinese immigration.

Online ticket purchase for Hong Kong -> Macau is not available. Seats are limited and you should ask the quarantine hotel in Macau for more information on the transport. You cannot book a ticket without a confirmation from the quarantine hotel anyway.

Macau -> Hong Kong is available to purchase online.

Of course, all quarantine, testing, vaccination and other public health and entry restrictions apply.

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